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Resolving Past Relationships

In time, we will find our resolve.

You show up in the most unexpected of places.
I go here and there, and I keep finding our faces.
I see the shadow of our past every now and then.
Each time, it makes me wonder what really happened?
Why didn’t our shared story last?

Weren’t we happy? —
You and I.

You took me for a ride.
I was so happy, enthralled in everything about you. I was living on a cloud whenever I was next to you.
Your touch felt like a lovely electrocution. It was a little static friction that made me alive. I didn’t need your touch. I felt it every time I looked into your eyes. That look gave me life. It helped me to survive.

I did not know that same look would lead to my demise.
Reminiscing, that last stare into your eyes was a beautiful, yet harrowing surprise.
Your final disappearing act.

Yet you reappear,
in little signs of my life.

There is no explanation.
I cannot understand.
What happened to you —
What happened to us —
It’s a tormenting mystery
Maybe that’s the cost of unchecked lust.

Nevertheless, I will make peace with this.
These memories will someday blow away and fade,
Scatter into the dust.
Even if our mystery relationship failure is forever unsolved.
In my heart,
I will find resolve.
And in my mind,
It will be resolved.
And no one will be at fault.
We will both be absolved.

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