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My Mind and Body Walk Together Sometimes

Eventually, I hope that we come into ourselves and find unison. The cold creeps into my door some nights. It happens seemingly as the pain seeps into my being slowly as the night turns to morning – and in comes the Sunlight. Taunting me with the day. Because my income doesn’t just come, no. I […]


Does life have to be meaningful?

Rebellious mindfulness in persistence of the unknown. The meaning that is found in this life is sometimes scattered and uneven. Some of us find it in religion, others in our profession, or our children. But sometimes we lose sight of what gets us out of bed and what staves off the existential dread that inevitably […]


The Absence of Time

Time passes slowly and quickly all at once. I can’t catch it. Neither can I run away from it. It’s with me while it passes me by. It mocks me and takes me for a ride. It wants me to be depleted, Deprived. Tired. I don’t know what to do with it. I guess we […]


Hope for holding on to the memories of you, not the relationship that we had

Poetic prose of reminiscence and fear that our memories may fade away one day. I don’t have a single picture of you. But the thought of you has not yet escaped my mind. I worry that one day I will forget youThat I won’t be able to accurately describe the events that passed between you […]


A Painful Lack of Memory That I Attempt to Mend With My Pen

When missing time with your family turns to years, it starts to become painful. How will we heal? Sometimes the quiet feels too loud. It is then that I feel alone and realize that I haven’t been home in quite a while. I haven’t been able to see my elder sister’s baby grow up into […]


A Comparison Story: Learning in Love

I fell in love with you on a whim. Now, I have to pick myself up and learn from the fall. You and I have talked so much that I sometimes can’t remember what you said. But he and I spoke so little that I can’t get his words out of my head.  The memory […]

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