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Searching for Meaning With Free Writing

Writing for collective joy, writing through individual pain. Is the meaning all the same? It’s been a while since I’ve written on a blank page. I don’t always know exactly how to proceed. I am no sage. No philosopher. I am just writing to work through the times. To feel the creativity of working through […]


The Pain That We Marry, But Are Not Defined By

We grow with it. We grow to endure it. But we cannot let it become who we are.


Learning to Love, Tragedy by Tragedy

Our love will rise from the ashes. We will become better beings.  I learned to love you, Slowly. I won’t leave you. Our love almost feels holy. See, we have potential. We are not perfect people. But we are humble enough to try. We are aware enough to know, That even though we’re on the […]


Resolving Past Relationships

In time, we will find our resolve. You show up in the most unexpected of places. I go here and there, and I keep finding our faces. I see the shadow of our past every now and then. Each time, it makes me wonder what really happened? Why didn’t our shared story last? Weren’t we […]


My Mind and Body Walk Together Sometimes

Eventually, I hope that we come into ourselves and find unison. The cold creeps into my door some nights. It happens seemingly as the pain seeps into my being slowly as the night turns to morning – and in comes the Sunlight. Taunting me with the day. Because my income doesn’t just come, no. I […]


Does life have to be meaningful?

Rebellious mindfulness in persistence of the unknown. The meaning that is found in this life is sometimes scattered and uneven. Some of us find it in religion, others in our profession, or our children. But sometimes we lose sight of what gets us out of bed and what staves off the existential dread that inevitably […]

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