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Gratitude for the journey to a new love

Acknowledgement of our soul ties. 

You are someone who I would have never expected to have met. You are such a beautiful soul. Your thoughtfulness goes to such depths that it sometimes takes my breath, leaving me breathless, but never upset. I wish that you could internalize how beautiful you are, both internally and externally. Your voice emanates rhythmic, flowing bars. Your lines are carefully chosen, woven in ways that are bespoken undertones of both humility and precision. 

The realization of the low likelihood of ever meeting you allows me to appreciate the steps that it took to get here. I can appreciate my past journeys, at least partially, because they led me here, to you. 

It was a long road to this moment with you now. My past experiences, the ill-fated relationships need not be told. Although those soul ties remain, they have no jurisdiction, no hold, over what is now ours. 

It is just you and I experiencing each other openly and freely, hopefully never having to say goodbye in this lifetime. Because I enjoy looking into your deep, kind eyes, though just having met you is enough for me to feel satisfied. I know that you would never do anything to purposefully lead to my demise. We hold each other in our hearts. It’s evident as I stare into you, into our meeting eyes. 

Our soul ties are strong. Even if we part ways, there may never be final goodbyes.

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