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Finding peaceful moments in chaos

Sitting on the porch during the thunderstorms with my grandmother, we found unmovable peace.

When I was a little girl, I used to sit on the porch with my grandmother and find stillness in the calm of the storm. We had a screened in porch that sheltered us from the worst of the rain. Instead of being drenched from the downpours, we felt the coolness of the midst. The winds directed the rain to just lightly spray into our vicinity, giving us just enough humidity to glisten our golden skin. Oh, the serenity of those moments was beautiful.

We sat outside in the middle of the storm, covered by just a rickety roof and fraying, aluminum screen. We sought the fortitude, the stubbornness of finding the beauty in the ugliest of times. With the thunder yelling and lightning daring, we just sat. Peacefully staring, waiting, watching. Unmoved and unbothered, almost mocking these storms. In the chaotic moments, we just watched with wonder, curiosity, reverence, and reserve.

Two generations sitting in their rocking chairs during the torrential downpour. We sat, we wondered. We watched. And waited. Once it was over, we went back inside to resume our normal lives.

My grandmother taught me that you can find peace anywhere, and everywhere. Because the peace is within you, even in the midst of the ugliest of storms.


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