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If time stopped just for today, what would you do?

Meditations on the absence of time

If time stopped for a day, how would you spend it? Would you slow down a little more and enjoy your surroundings? Would you appreciate the sounds of your immediate environment? Listen to the cadence of the clicks of the keyboard. The chicklets and differences of the keys. How the backspace key makes a deep “thump, thump, thump”, while the letters conform and sound more uniform.

Would you spend the day writing at your keyboard and writing desk instead of working the hours away? Would you spend the day reading that stack of books that you just need more time to finish? Would you spend the day studying those ancient languages that you just never got a chance to look into? Would you allow something to stimulate you and your mind if you got the time? That is, when time stops and allows you to just be…

Would you go and talk to those old friends who got lost in the wind of the times? Would you find them and make sure that they’re alright and doing fine in this life that just keeps tick tocking and slipping by?

Would you spend more moments in your bed when you wake up just to rest your head and let your thoughts catch up in your mind instead of racing and passing you by? Would you wake up and just say “hi, hello, good morning?” To the people who you love? Would you wait to rush your routines and instead enjoy them without thinking of the minutes of the hours that have passed?



Oh, time. If you stopped. It would give just a little while to find what is typically missed in the midst of the days. And the daze of the schedules, the plans, the appointments. The haze of the days that is so fogged, so clouded with this and that. That doesn’t really matter.

We’re here and we’re there. But where are we really if we can’t fully be in one place at one moment? When all we can pay attention to is you, time. As you move on with or without us. With no regard for where we are or what we need.

Can we force you to stop?

Or do we just stop instead.

Well, time. You keep moving on and going and going. But I will stop and catch up to you after I’ve taken just a moment to just:




I meditate here on this thought that time, in fact, will never stop and never halt. But we do not have to mindlessly chase it. If we just take our time. In this moment. Embrace it.

And inhale. And exhale.

Because we are here. And the time is now. That’s all we have. That’s all that we can experience. All I ask is that you be here with me now and appreciate this moment in which we share together. May our spirits and this peace that we communally share live on forever. May we forever be tethered in the absence of time.


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