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A Peaceful Goodbye To a Temporary Sacred Space

Learning to Experience the Universe Through the Beauty of the Fall. 

As I was running in the park, it said goodbye to me today. It said goodbye with the gentle fall of its leaves, quick kisses from the brisk winds, and soothing flow of its water streams.

The leaves — they swirled around me. They made beautiful spins of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. I admired them as they came falling down around me. I watched them as I ran. They painted the ground and left me grounded in the moment.

It was the last run that I would have in this park for at least a long little while. The Fall season blessed me with its colorful way of saying goodbye. It was a goodbye to a solo runner that had run there for many years. The park helped me to experience all of the joys, the tears, the fears. There was always peacefulness in the run. In this place. From dawn, to dusk, to the setting sun.

The wind kissed me quickly as I ran through the trails. It reminded me of the season changing from warm, humid temperatures to a little dryer, cooler atmosphere. The summer Mays had passed away for at least a long little while. There were no more hot, arid days. Although the Fall winds were brisk, I enjoyed their repetitive kiss. After all, the fall brought the beauty to the leaves. It allowed them to make their eloquent spirals. I ran around and watched with a child-like awe, pleased with this natural masterpiece.

As I finished my run, I sat by the stream. I let the smoothness of the rock on which I sat comfort me, ground me onto the firmness of the space. I just lied there for a long little while, listening to the brook wrinkle and flow through the dark crevices of its floor. I saw the bullet ants of the park march across the rocks. The fish danced and slithered through stream. I watched the birds fly over me with their wide wingspans, almost scaring me away with their incredible size. The way that they flew over demonstrated such palpable pride. As if nothing could take them away from their time in the skies. But soon, the time came for me to say my temporary goodbyes.

I slowly stood up from the rock that was there to support me and thanked it for its simple glory. I felt my feet meet the ground and listened to the sounds change as I stepped from the terrain of the rock to that of the grass near the stream, then to the sidewalk. I took my last admirations of the painted pavement from the leaves that had fallen so gracefully around me. I will be forever grateful for the inspiration they have shown me with their peaceful ways of coming down.

This park was my sacred space for a long little while, but physically no more. I will find a new place in a world not too far from this park, as the universe is vast. There are many places that one can find to adopt, to adapt, explore, and adore. The peacefulness of my sacred spaces will live within me as long as I need them to— held within the depths of my core. But physically, with this park, I am no more.

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