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What is the mindful comedown?

We are advocates for self-care, grace, and mindfulness. We welcome you to mindfully comedown with us anytime. 

How do we define the mindful comedown?

The mindful comedown is a blog that we created to epitomize being fully engaged with life. It is a place where people can come to read and relax. It is an unfiltered, non-judgmental space where we can communicate our feelings, struggles, and accomplishments. The mindful comedown is about learning to embrace all of the feelings that visit us, including joy, malaise, fear, embarrassment, excitement, or any other feeling. We acknowledge the ephemeral nature of all feelings and emotions. Nothing lasts forever, and there is a peacefulness in that. In the times of darkness and sadness, we know that it will pass. In the times of joy and elation, we remind ourselves to gracefully allow the comedown. We understand that the feeling of joy is not everlasting. Here, at the mindful comedown, we are writing through our journeys to accept all of it, to enjoy all of the things that life gifts us, and learn to just as gracefully comedown from them and let them go. 

Why did we create the mindful comedown ?

We developed the mindful comedown as an art form to express our feelings while helping ourselves and others with grounding. There is this sense of excitement that we have in life that can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether it be intense negative or positive emotions. We have learned that we need to find balance. It is okay to feel excitement. The problem lies in when we become overly attached to any one feeling and lose ourselves in wanting to hold onto it. At the mindful comedown, we want to help others learn to let feelings go. Writing about methods of letting go, relaxing nature explorations, and mind spaces is our best avenue to help others (and, of course, ourselves) learn to live in the present moment, and ultimately, to appreciate every moment for what it is. 

What would we like to see from our readers?

We like to think of writing as an exercise of mindfulness and reflection. We would love for our readers to participate in this exercise with us. Our readers will benefit from the work that we do here if they are open to experiencing new ideas, including those that are uplifting and sometimes, thought-provoking and provocative. We invite our readers to contribute to the posts at the mindful comedown. We appreciate hearing ideas from others about what they may be struggling with and how creative expression helped them through it. We welcome guest writers and artists on our blog. We are happy to hear from readers, and we will respond to any comments or emails that we receive. Ultimately, we would like our readers to be able to build a community amongst themselves to help each other to mindfully live in the present moment and to gracefully comedown from the highs that we experience in this lifetime.


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– sending you love, peace, and clarity- 

the mindful comedown.


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    I agree with your post. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make one rattle their head. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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