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Is there really magic here?

Accepting the darkness makes it easier to find the light

Paulina Milana has said that there is magic in the madness. She notes that there is darkness in everyone. I often ask if there is really any magic here. It may be true that no light can forever shine.

We have to understand the beauty of our experiences. From every painful, insane affliction, we can make something that allows us to heal, albeit slowly. We can still heal. We can create impactful pieces of art that reflect our mental states in moments, but not forever. The darkness can be frightening and sometimes make us feel nearly unrecognizable. Who are we in those moments that something so horrendously beautiful is created from the darkest depths of our soul? How do we craft those pieces of art that take us to a place so absurdly disturbing that we can’t imagine that we had ever been there?

We have to come to terms with the painful truth that the darkness resides inside us all. We are all “rough drafts” and constantly editing ourselves, revising our stories, making them better, but sometimes worse. Our lives are a series of chapters that sometimes repeat themselves in the most painful of ways. The best way to deal with our pain and our darkness is to create something painfully beautiful, hauntingly disturbing, and magically dark.

Allow your darkness to be your art.

Instead of losing ourselves in the madness, the dark, we make the dark magical. We find the twinkling stars that make it beautiful. Our lights will shine again, just as the sun always finds its way to rise. We will rise like the morning sun, even if it’s from the darkest pits in which we have emptied the trauma of our soul.

We will rise up and mindfully come down, finding our way back to an even and stable ground.


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